First Ever E-Commerce Marketplace with Hyper Local for MEP & MRO Segment.

12 Apr 2023
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Welcome to, the first-ever E-commerce marketplace uniting MEP & MRO Brands under a single roof. It’s always been difficult for a customer to find the right product with the required specifications and they had to visit multiple suppliers to get the right product which always leads to loss of Time, Money and sometimes the result end with no availability of products even though the product might be available in any remote source under different supplier.

Being in the industry for the last 2 decades, we know the pain for both customers and sellers in this segment and our new solution to this issue has become a trend among both customers and suppliers making their lives and work easier.

Out Hyper-Local facility enabled platform, enable the customer to see the nearby sellers and their products and do the purchase easily online. Also, it has increased the Supplier Customer relationship drastically which should be the first thing to happen in a long-lasting business goal.

Current markets and their flaws

The current market segment for MEP products After Sales Goods which includes Maintenance, Repair, and Operation related products in the MENA region is always spread into diversified locations which is a difficult task for a customer when a specific product is to be sourced. The branded stores are always set up separately with their facilities whereas the SME segment for the same locate themselves in some common areas where some of the products are available in common. This geographical situation always makes a customer in a confused state while the material Quality, Genuity, and Prices are concerned. Also getting a list of products is a hard job, which includes multiple store visits, negotiation, availability, etc.…

What we are and what we Do provides a fine-tuned technology-based Community Platform where all the entities related to MEP will be a part. provides a solution for all the above mentions issues which is adapted with the latest customer behavior with the option to source 24/7 online. Being in the segment for the last 20 years and seeing all the struggles along with the necessity of digitization after the Covid-19 pandemic has enabled us to combine a world-class platform ( with so many advanced functions on live like Advanced Hyper-Local System, Seller Stores, Brand Stores, Advanced filtering tools for product selections, Advance Promotions, Comparison tools, etc., and many more…

What are the problems we are solving?

We enable all the MEP-related business sectors under a single platform providing the complete solutions for a consumer where they can find and purchase the right products online with the correct Datasheets, How-to Videos, Later product reviews and releases and many more...

Looking into the traditional way of MEP product business, the lack of technology adaptation by the SME’s was an issue that consumed a lot of energy, time, and money. So many SME’s and major suppliers are still using old marketing methods and system which does not match with the current customer behaviors, requirements, and trend.

Being a supplier, they can display and sell their Products and Services no matter where their physical presence and our platform gives equal priority for all participating suppliers whereas the customer is concerned, they can easily find and select their favorite products from a single or multiple suppliers. Understanding the supplier details and location is an important factor as a customer is concerned and communicating thru the supplier on our platform will help to get a clear idea about any concerns and the possibility to shop online and select the products on the counter is an amazing option for frequent buyers.


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