What is Hyper Local

09 Jun 2023
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Hyperlocal businesses help to build a local ecosystem that enables customers to buy anything from their neighborhood stores along with the international purchase with the comfort of the online platform.

We as an aggregator with our platform mep-global.com enable the customer to see the sellers nearby and thus do the sourcing from the comfort of their premise. The HyperLocal platform solves the problem of matching the immediate demand with the neighborhood supply in a well-optimized manner which helps both customer and supplier to perform the sales and makes after-sale service hassle-free.

Mep-global.com is a hyperlocal-enabled international e-commerce portal to source your specific Product, Brand, and advanced tools in the portal helps the customer to compare the products, price, availability, and more.

Why go Hyper-Local

Consider your last 10 online purchases and your experience with those purchases where the consumers are always concerned about the product, quality, genuinity. Customers are always been in doubt about the seller's credibility until the product is used and the exact location, they ship the products from. The hyper-Local system helps a consumer to verify the sellers and our platform helps to communicate with sellers before and after the product purchase over the platform or by another medium like telephone, Email, etc.…The same system helps the sellers to do the fast delivery to customers, helps to save on manpower and technological cost.

Mep-global.com helps the customers show the nearby sellers details including their websites with their products along with the distance from the browsing or selected location using the advanced geotagging feature. Utilizing the right tools and filters, customers will be able to find the required products easily and compare the products which helps to select the fine-tuned required product, thus saving money, time, and energy.

Mep-global.com is the first and one of its kind website in the global to use the Hyper-Local System Combined with advanced AI enabled technologies backed up with high end and secured infrastructure for the MEP(Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing) Segment.


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