Why you need to consider mep-global.com to shop MEP products online!

11 May 2023

As far as the e-commerce industry is considered, customer behavior has drastically changed and improved as far as FMCG goods and garments are concerned. It’s always been a dilemma to consumers which leads to a get back to traditional mode while the goods with the specifications are concerned to have an online purchase. The reasons may vary as per their previous experience like the wrong products delivered, damaged goods, the credibility of the seller, concerns about the genuineness of the product, and the thought about the after-sales service to be received whereas the customer is even not sure about the seller details and whom to contact if incase required!

As per the MEP(Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) segment is considered, to reach out to a particular product or a brand is always hectic for a consumer as a reason of lack of online presence of the majority of the brands, and the deficiency of initiative taken by the representing sellers or distributers to go online and market their products.

The diversified market segment and its geographically detached brand presence have made issues with transparency on pricing and deals for the products and services in brick-and-mortar businesses. The difficulty to find the right products and services has forced the consumers to compromise on the products with their quality and price. Finding a replacement is even harder whereas the required product may be available in stock with any supplier who is in an unknown location and thus ends up losing more money to buy the whole unit or the seller's suggested brand.

These issues are normally affecting the segments like end-users, company procurement divisions, traders, project requirements which end up on emergency procurement with compromised solutions thus costing more time, energy, and money.

The same situation also creates issues for the sellers who want to be transparent with their sales ethics and competing with non-genuine products and sellers is a big challenge faced by genuine sellers and the difficulty to convince their credibility to customers leads to losing the sale. The hardship to expand the presence to multiple geographical areas and the struggles faced during the pandemic situations like Covid19 has made the brick-and-mortar stores think about going live which saves time money and increases presence without limit.

Being in the segment for the last 20 years, we mep-global.com have come across the solution for the above-said issues which benefits both consumers as well as sellers at the same time.

  • We mep-global.com unite the legitimate suppliers who have the brick-and-mortar stores on our platform mep-global.com with their own identity and real credibility with the reviews and remarks by the genuine customers
  • Consumers can communicate with the sellers on the platform(www.mep-global.com) directly and get the contact details (telephone, email, website, etc.) including the location of their physical address.
  • A wide range of brands and brand-new products under a single roof is available for the consumers.
  • Best and transparent price for the products and service and shop from your favorite seller sitting any part of the world.
  • The hyperlocal facility helps the customers to see the nearest sellers online with the seller distance in kilometer from the consumer location and do the online purchase which helps to increase loyalty and makes after-sale service easy thus leading to the trust and bond between the consumer and the suppliers.
  • Easy to find the difficult products online and save more using the right filters and advanced tools to find the suitable products
  • Compare the products by their features, price, and availability from multiple suppliers and select the right product as per the requirement
  • Provide the consumers the option to shop online and pick the goods (pickup points)physically which saves time and cost for the shipment delivery
  • Flexible delivery options to select as per your urgency and requirement
  • Do the shopping at your desired time 24/7 online at your premises.
  • Shop from your favorite sellers from any of their branches as per your delivery requirement to get the product fast




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