Choose your plan

You will be charged for the plan (If applicable) after the admin approves your vendor account

  • Bronze

    AED 250.00/ Month

    500 products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 12%

    Vendor microstore

    Bronze plan

  • Silver

    AED 475.00/ Month

    1000 products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 10%

    Vendor microstore

    Silver plan

  • Best choice


    AED 900.00/ Month

    2000 products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 8%

    Vendor microstore

    Gold plan

  • Platinum

    AED 1,400.00/ Month

    4000 products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 7%

    Vendor microstore

    Platinum plan

  • Exclusive

    AED 4,000.00/ Month

    10000 products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 5%

    Vendor microstore

    Exclusive plan

Note:-Plans with no monthly subscription fee is available with a flat 15% referral fee on each sale. For details, contact us and we shall revert you back within 24 hours.

Didn't find the right plan?, don't worry! Contact us or request a call back to get your customized plan and discuss your requirements with us.

Referral Fee

A Referral Fee of a flat 5-15% for each sale/transaction would be charged to sellers depending on the plans selected.

The referral fee would be calculated on the subtotal of an order value excluding any Tax and any other fee such as Shipping, Surcharge, etc...


To register as a seller on, the seller is required to be a registered entity in the respective geographical area mentioned in the trade license and the documentation required for the registration is a Valid Trade Licence, Valid Tax Registration copy, Bank Account Details, Power of Attorney (for legal representative or an account manager) and any additional documents if required.

Payment System

Payment of the amount collected on behalf of each sale would be deposited/transferred to your bank account after deducting the referral fee and any other fee(if applicable) upon the payment request from the seller thru our dashboard. Any additional charges not covered by the seller balance (if any) can be paid thru the dashboard using a debit/credit card. The transfer of payment to the seller account would be after deducting the bank charges or conversion value (if any) as actual.