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American Radionic Co., Inc. located sixty miles south of Jacksonville in Palm Coast, Florida is a leader in metallized film capacitor technology. American Radionic relocated it’s entire base of operations from Danbury, Connecticut to Florida in July, 1987. As a major supplier for over thirty-five years to the “big” three domestic automobile companies, the move gave American Radionic the opportunity to expand its production facilities and to be a leader in applying the principles of lean manufacturing. The entire facility was restructured using lean manufacturing practices, not only to meet the stringent demands of our customers, but keeping American Radionic competitive with a high quality product in the marketplace. All capacitors to this day are 100% designed and manufactured in Palm Coast.Image

American Radionic and it’s AmRad division hold numerous patents and trademarks on its film capacitor designs and maintains a technology and licensing group for collaborative work with worldwide capacitor manufacturers and for complete “turn-key” services.

Recent innovative products have included the Patented Turbo®200 Universal Replacement Service Capacitor using the American Radionic Patented Ultramet Capacitor design technology. The Ultramet is the world’s first multiple metallized film capacitor derived from a single continuous winding.

The Turbo®200 has completely revolutionized the HVAC service industry and its approach for service repair work. One capacitor can be used to replace up to 200 values, thus eliminating the need to maintain large inventories of capacitors and most importantly, the serviceman is assured of having a replacement part at the time of service. An entire family of Turbo’s have since been introduced.

A Custom Turbo intended for a multiple of OEM applications can replace an entire range of part numbers. Once Custom Turbo can operate up to six (or more) electric motors at one time. Engineers and purchasing can take advantage by consolidating part numbers as well as reducing assembly costs. A Custom Turbo will also meet the demands when there is an emergency inventory shortage. Simply use the jumper wires and create the capacitor value needed.

Sixty Five years of capacitor engineering and manufacturing highly qualifies American Radionic and its industry experienced personnel to meet the needs of its customers. Complete engineering support for the design, [including extensive testing to customer specification], testing (using in house high voltage test equipment) as well as prototype sampling is readily available.

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Brand NameAmrad ColorSilver Country of OriginUnited States of America MaterialSilver MFD/UF5 to 97.5 MFD
Amrad Capacitor, Round Turbo 200, Up to 2.5MFD to 67.5MFD, 370V/440V,Industrial Grade, Part#9200, Made in USA
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Brand NameAmrad ColorSilver Country of OriginUnited States of America MaterialSilver MFD/UF2.5 to 67.5 MFD
Amrad Capacitor, Round, Turbo 200MINI-IM, Up to 5MFD to 97.5MFD, 370V/440V,Industrial Grade, Part#9000, Made in USA
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Brand NameAmrad ColorSilver Country of OriginUnited States of America MaterialAluminum MFD/UF2.5 to 15 MFD
Amrad Capacitor, 370V/440V,Individually Tested, Rust free all brass terminals, UL/CSA Recognized,ROHS 3 compliant, Made in USA
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Brand NameAmrad ColorSilver Country of OriginUnited States of America MaterialAluminum CertificationsROHS 3 compliant, OEM approved, CSA Recognized, UL Listed
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